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Qi Gong is a foundational requirement of Daoist medicine, or the Daoist Movement and Healing Arts. 

The will to survive and the capacity to withstand all illnesses naturally belongs to all and to each human being.  In his book "Self Comes to Mind, Constructing the Conscious Brain" the Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio himself recommended the practice of the ancient Chinese arts, `in order to stop and end genetic repetition gone awry´. 

With the frequency of Qi Gong training, the connections between the cells in the nerve pathways change.  This neurocentric effect aims to improve concentration and awareness so that physical and immunological weaknesses can be strengthened or corrected, leading to health and freedom.

The basic knowledge of all internal martial arts is Qi Gong, because it contributes to the physical and mental development of one ´s own inner strengths and abilities.  And acquiring a better method of generating and maintaining one ´s life energy is crucial to the success of physical and mental restructuring.

I studied social sciences with a major in politics and received my doctorate in law.  Instead of starting further study, I started doing a participative action research, known in political science as "Participatory Action Research", PAR.  My goal, like every participant, is to concentrate on the life support and longevity of our own bodies and minds.  As a licensed chinese medicine naturopath in China I have the privilege of practicing under the guidance of the Temple Abbot at the Five Immortals Temple in China.

Since theory and practice go hand in hand, relevant theories of Daoist medicine in the forms of stories also go hand in hand along with Daoist practices in every day setting.  Only then can self-healing be maintained.

How else can one be free when everyday one is still in the grip of growing unnecessary and harmful addictions directed at oneself?

Annabelle Herter

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