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Qi Gong, Daoist Medicine, the Daoist Arts & today ´s Neuroscience. 

According to the neuroscientist, Antonio Damasio, …”although the mind learns from the outside world through the brain, … the brain can only be informed through the body”. 

in his book "Self Comes to Mind, Constructing the Conscious Brain" Damasio explained, that movement is responsible for human evolution.  He said, that the operation of maintaining the body is `blind´ and doesn´t even require a mind, let alone a conscious mind.  He further added, that when the mind and the personality are put aside, more spontaneousness and implicitness will not only ensure the maintainance of the basic structure and state, but also the highest goal - survival.

The will to survive and the capacity to withstand all illnesses belongs to the humankind.  In order to stop and end genetic repetition gone awry, Damasio himself recommended the practice of the ancient Chinese arts.  In ancient Chinese, the healing practice was simply called Daoist Medicine, which together with breathing exercises consisted the practice of several Daoist Arts, such as Qi Gong, Meditation, & other weiter forms of rites to celebrate life.


Qi Gong & Daoist Medicine for an experiential learning and self regulation practice.

Through the years our bodies had been naturally warned by various symptoms.  Experientially,  we found out that although these symptomatic complaints can be stopped temporarily, still they will repeatedly occur or increase.

It is clear that the repetition of emotional or physical pain will lead to loss of health.  The knowledge of the ancient theories of maintaining one ´s own self regulation, & balance can only be acquired through experiential learning, otherwise our individual efforts will remain ineffectual.  The Daoist Medicine & the Daoist Arts are suitable to be integrated & applied in daily life to ensure the maintenance & the further production of personal strength.

According to neuroscience this is how a new neural path will be recorded in the human brain, which ultimately lead one to let go of unuseful & detrimental behavioral & emotional patterns.  Since the blockade will be lesser, if not yet totally obliterated, this will in effect lead to support the strengthening and the production of Qi.  Maintaining a regular training with like-minded persons in Qi Gong informs, encourages and inspires, to allow the strength needed for the self regulation of one´s own Qi and immunity system. 

The process of regulating & restoring physically, mentally, & emotionally remains active & continous.  It pre-requires self responsibility.  The classical texts of Chinese Medicine reminds us that the reason of our destruction is not the illness, but the disregard of the natural and universal laws.





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