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My childhood.

I was born in a small island in the middle of the pacific ocean and spent my early childhood in an idyllic natural setting. My grandmother, `Oya´ Bitud, was a farmer, traditional herbalist, and craftsman and lived up to the ripe age of 103 years, despite Osteoporosis. She had an exemplary attitude shown in her daily life activities. To my recollection, she was a one of a kind storyteller, who synchronized songs and poems in her stories. I usually lost track of time listening to tales of mystical legends, powerful beings, kind people and angels, who, at the right moment and time, always comes to the aid of the needy and the helpless. What I have received were warnings & reminders that are likewise transmittable through my present collaborative work with others.  In this way, we will further be able to continously encounter and experience the wonder & vitality of our own childhood.


PAR, an experiential learning project up to the present.

When my children and their friends have grown out of the daily games that we used to play in the backyard,  I started a collaborative work based in Political Science, known in the Community Health and Epidemiology as Participatory Action Research (PAR).  My goal is a community base sharing of experiences with the use of movement exercises and dance forms.  To this end, I went through several qualifications and participated in a variety of dances and diverse movement arts to actively regulate the physical, mental, and emotional restoration of my own body and mind.