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Based on my own experience and from what I learned from others, to  take over the reigns of control in one ´s own life is to simultaneously achieve the mastery of one ´s own body & the mind.  For this purpose theories are relatively unimportant.  What matters most is the recognition of a constant experiential learning that will again enable a new habitual pattern to take place. 

Chinese Medicine, Daoist Medicine, the Daoist Arts, & other ancient Systems are actually just naked truths & are mere universal reminders about the human prowess and intellectual power.  Actually, it is the implicit & expressed simplicity of all these ancient rites that makes them suitable to be used as tools in one ´s own self recovery. 

However, these simple techniques can only come alive and be effective in daily life with unquestioned sincerityy.  For chronic and congenital conditions it will often entail doing away with excessive personal pursuits.

The goal is to build new neural patterns to replace the old & dangerous one ´s in case of chronic states. To stop the danger of self inflicted bodily and mental stress, it is not rationality, neither methodology that counts, but only the able & successfull implementation of lifestyle changes in one ´s own daily life.